2010 Session Archive


8:30 – 9:30am
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Thursday, September 30, 2010
Session 1

Creating Better PowerPoint Presentations When most people create a PowerPoint presentation, they are actually hampering learning. We will explore how to improve your presentation to maximize learning and understanding from your audience.

Session 2 Technology in K-12 Classrooms: Experimenting with Social Media to Increase Student Engagement and Reading Fluency.
Session 3

Alternatives to Lectures Save your valuable classroom time for interaction. Make lecture content available to your students outside of the classroom, using a variety of technologies.

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Session 4

Audio & Video for Teaching & Feedback Using Audacity and JingYou’ve heard of Audacity and Jing and you may have even tried them, but how can they help learning? This session will walk you through how to use the tools and give you ideas about how they can be used in a distance or face-to-face classroom.

Session 5

Leveraging Twitter in Support of Education In this session, we will explore the different methods for integrating Twitter into the classroom. We will begin with a brief introduction to Twitter. We will explore how to use Twitter as a real time classroom research tool. Finally, we will learn how to use Twitter create engagement in the classroom.

Session 6

Wikis in the Online Classroom: One UW caseOne online instructor illustrates how she incorporates wikis into group projects. Her former student describes the user’s perspective.

11:30 – 1pm
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Session 7

Lunch and Conference Keynote

How A Virtual Learning Environment Can (and Should) Help Learners From Bloom to Kolb to Johnson and Johnson, rote memorization to authentic assessment, learning theory to practical application, the World Wide Web has tools that not only help educators promote sound pedagogy, but advance it. Beyond Web 2.0, Internet based technology can be utilized in various contexts and techniques to encourage learning from all student types. From simulation to collaborative learning, web based instruction can facilitate learning across generations, gender, and learning preferences. // Participants will leave this presentation with an extensive list of web resources, most of which are free, that instructors and developers can use in the classroom (on ground or online). During this session, participants will both see examples of and hear theory specific to practical strategies for both presentation and assessment in the classroom.

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Session 8 Serious Games

Long before the term “serious game” came into wide use with the Serious Games Initiative in 2002, games were being developed for non-entertainment purposes. Sometimes labeled as “edutainment” – educational based gaming has transformed in recent years to be noted by many researchers and scholars as important for generational learning.   An alternate reality game (ARG) is an interactive narrative that uses the real world as a platform, often involving multiple media and game elements, to tell a story that may be affected by participants’ ideas or actions. Join us for our version of Serious Gaming as it meets the world of ARGs.

Session 9 Accessing Geospatial Data and Applications for Teaching and Learning
Session 10

Copyright Update 2010: Do’s (Mostly)! Faculty and administrators are frustrated about using copyrighted materials while staying within guidelines for fair use especially as applied to digital media and the online environment. Does fair use even apply? How do we make sense of all this and apply “guidelines” when none seem to exist? What changes have occurred recently which provide some clarification and how do we use the information to maximize our use in classes? Bring some questions and share solutions.

9 – 10:15am
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Friday, October 1, 2010
Session 11 Breakfast

Cheating and Plagiarism: Ideas for a Perplexing Problem and Thoughts about Solutions Students don’t seem to regard plagiarism and cheating the way faculty do. How do we help students avoid plagiarism, reduce cheating, and detect offenders? Bring your ideas for discussion to this session! We would enjoy hearing your thoughts for educating students about the problem, tools for detection, and examples as well as proactive lesson design. There are tools online which can provide assistance and we’ll explore a few of those.


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Session 12

Faculty Forum (faculty & HS faculty) Join a group of faculty as they talk about their use of technology in the classroom. They’ll discuss what worked and what didn’t, if the time investment was worth it and what they are doing next. They will also answer questions and give tips and hints. The group will include University, K-12 and Community College faculty.

1:30 – 3:30
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Elluminate / ClassLive Pro Training This introductory training session on Elluminate web conferencing will explore its presentation and communication features, and prod your imagination with examples of innovative uses of web conferencing. Time permitting, Elluminate’s Plan! and Publish! support applications will be introduced.