Todd Jamison

Chadron State College



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Other information

Todd Jamison is an Assistant Professor of Business Information Systems at Chadron State College and  ITEC Doctoral Student at the University of Wyoming.

Workshop: Improving the Course Experience with Twitter

In this workshop, you'll learn how to leverage Twitter to enhance your course experience. Announcements, discussions, research, and resource sharing are covered. 

"Session will start with brief introduction to Twitter.

Students will go through the process of creating a Twitter account.

Then, students will learn about and experiment with basic Twitter features including searching, retweeting, following, direct messages, etc.

Next, the focus will shift to using twitter for academic purposes, including announcements, discussions, performing research, and for brief direct messages.

After students learn about and experiment with the various different functions, a QA session will commence for students to ask questions specific to their specific situation and desires.