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Tamara Meredith, MLIS, MMus, is a Library Media Specialist at Beitel Elementary School in Albany County School District #1 and an Instructor for the University of Wyoming's Department of Music, where she teaches Music History and Bibliographic Research.  Her dual careers allow her the opportunity to work with grades K through graduate student on an almost daily basis and grant her a unique view of student perceptions and use of technology.

That Bloomin' Common Core:  supporting CCSS through the integration of technology using Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

Building on Andrew Churches' "Digital" version of Bloom's Taxonomy as well as the 21st Century Fluencies so prominently centered in today's K-12 tech literacy discussions, this session will demonstrate how to make use of the organization of Bloom's Digital Taxonomy (web 2.0 sites and apps) to quickly identify supportive tools for Common Core standards.  Participants are encouraged to BYOD for hands-on opportunities and will also view/have access to technology-enhanced CCSS lesson plans and resources for continued professional development and support.

"This session will begin with an overview of Bloom’s original and revised taxonomies.  Using Andrew Churches’ work as a basis (edorigami.wikispaces.com) we will explore Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy and the web 2.0 tools, apps, and online resources that relate to/align with BDT.  At least 10 minutes will be spent exploring a few new as well as tried-and-true “tech tools” on the market, including but not limited to:  MyStory (iPad app), bubbl.us (website), linoit.com (website), Cookie Maker (iPad app), and Educreations (iPad app).  BYOD participants will be encouraged to download/access these tools for a more hands-on experience.

Following the Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy discussion I will give a brief background on the Common Core Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics.  We will look closely at anchor strands for K-5 – Writing and 9-12 – Speaking and Listening.  If time permits, we will also examine K-5 – Measurement.  Participants will be guided through identifying the Bloom’s level implied by the standard and use charts/lists of digital tools to match appropriate supportive technologies to the standard.  Several complete lesson/unit plans will be displayed and discussed.  

Closing minutes will be spent giving participants links/methods of accessing resource documents and sites.  A todaysmeet.com backchannel site will also be shared so that participants can quickly comment on/brainstorm ongoing CCSS/Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy needs and ideas.